There used to be a female weekly magazine in Bangla by the name Begum (meaning title as Mrs.for married women, not much used these days). It was a conservative magazine widely admired by the educated muslimahs. It has been out of circulation for a few decades. My mother was a great fan of the magazine.

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Is this page for women only?? No, it is mostly focused on issues.related to women's, but men can browse & share materials that they may think will benefit the their female family members as well.

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Qur'an & Women (tab on the red area below to see the video)

Women's Rites

Even today when a lot of modern societies cud not recognize the very basic rites for women, Islam ensured the legal rite of inheritance among other rites for women 1400+ years back.

Surah an Nisa or Chapter Women

Hadid: Jannah Lies Under The Feet of Your Mother

Female Scholars in Islam

Please see these few vids

For a Women of Conscious

Topix, Helps Ideal Muslimahs'

Shytwan's Qur'an


Proud Muslimah

Mashallah a fb womens site.


Abdul Qader ra

A must read/ listen story. how prophetic humans come into existence. it simply lies in purity & devotion - both seems to hav successfully eradicated from the ummah by shytwan. 

In this part of the world he is also known as boro peer shaheb. Some r even scared to mention his abdul quader name thinking it will b considered disrespectful. but it is a bee'dah. 

if we r allowed to say the name of allah & his prophet by his name mohammad (althou we r advised to send salam ie saw to him), then we can & shud call abdul quader by his name. besides allah advises us to call each other by names & to keep meaningful beautiful names.

we shud follow & share more of such stories to trace our identity back & start hating the duniya. althou we r sunk in this quick sand trap of shaytwan upto our foreheads, only due to endless mercy of allah we r somehow surviving. just a taubah & stride for purity is all that is needed individually & collectively as a society/ ummah to reverse the most shameful low point of deen islams history. with time passes opportunities. so don't wait - repent, commit & ask for allahs guidance & help to get u & the ummah out of the dark into the nur or lite of allah.

Science & Qur'an

Allah, The Creator of mankind, told us in the 96th chapter of His Quran; "Lies, aggression and hostility come from the prefrontal lobe of the brain (behind the forehead)"; 1,400 years before Sigmund Freud existed.G

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Islamic Fundamentals & Rethinking

The Iconic Womens of Islam

Falling in love again??

How to inshallah avoid another nightmare. Lessons learned & shared. 

Probably the only way to a respectable, caring, committed, loving & durable relationship to b built & sustained peacefully is mashallah given in the blog. Yes, u will c people having conjugal lives outside their commitment or love & respect for allah, but they redefine the meanings of the basic tennants of marriage & rudeness, quarrel, disrespect, lack of love etc. becomes the essential spices of their marriage. 

Prophet mohammad saw's beautiful conflict less, amicable & loving conjugal lives sunnahs get no deserving following & a patched up suffocating so called married volatile relationship continues in a society that becomes breeding grounds of all sorts of unsocial activities eg., prostitution, porno,  adultery, various perverted acts including sodomy, astagfirillah.

Collected from a friends posting

The Difference Between Kafir & Kufr

Islam - The Solution

Muslims need to re-think, find out & urgently close the loopholes created over centuries of luxury, bee'dah, ignoring sunnahs, following kufri under colonization, continuing the promotion of Haram culture, haram education etc..

We need to urgently review & implement a modern but halal syllabus in our entire education model. Inshallah that will be sufficient to start a new era. An era of prosperity, purity n progressive science for humanity.




There is nothing more important to Islam & Muslims, then to be concerned about these evil & immoral acts of the kafirs at the present time. 

"And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers."

"And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me."