There used to be a female weekly magazine in Bangla by the name Begum (meaning title as Mrs.for married women, not much used these days). It was a conservative magazine widely admired by the educated muslimahs. It has been out of circulation for a few decades. My mother was a great fan of the magazine.



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I can't certify beyond the previous statements bcoz I m not directly or indirectly involved or acquainted with any owners, their affiliates or employees of these listed sites. I, however, wish them all the best from Allahs unlimited rahmah, baraka & hidaya preserved for the honest deen promoters. 



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Is this page for women only?? No, it is mostly focused on issues.related to women's, but men can browse & share materials that they may think will benefit the their female family members as well.


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Qur'an & Women (tab on the red area below to see the video)

Women's Rites

Even today when a lot of modern societies cud not recognize the very basic rites for women, Islam ensured the legal rite of inheritance among other rites for women 1400+ years back.

Surah an Nisa or Chapter Women

Female Scholars in Islam

Please see these few vids

Science & Qur'an

Allah, The Creator of mankind, told us in the 96th chapter of His Quran; "Lies, aggression and hostility come from the prefrontal lobe of the brain (behind the forehead)"; 1,400 years before Sigmund Freud existed.G

Reengineering Islam

Renessaince of Islam with eradicating bee'dahs

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Mashallah a very timely n urgently required soul searching paper.

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Let them worship the Lord of this House. Quran 106:3

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