There used to be a female weekly magazine in Bangla by the name Begum (meaning title as Mrs.for married women, not much used these days). It was a conservative magazine widely admired by the educated muslimahs. It has been out of circulation for a few decades. My mother was a great fan of the magazine.

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Qur'an & Women (tab on the red area below to see the video)

Women's Rites

Even today when a lot of modern societies cud not recognize the very basic rites for women, Islam ensured the legal rite of inheritance among other rites for women 1400+ years back.

Surah an Nisa or Chapter Women

Hadid: Jannah Lies Under The Feet of Your Mother

Female Scholars in Islam

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Barakah for Muslimahs & Their Families

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Shytwan's Qur'an

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Hijabi, Non Hijabi Vs.Unveiled Women

The topic is both hijabi & non hijabi women showing themselves in media, public & elsewhere - aren't they both considered unveiled? According to law when a crime is committed it dosen't look at the dress of the alledged criminal, rather it looks at the circumstantial evidences, witnesses etc. to find out whether a person is guilty or not within the laws applicable.

The topic is both hijabi & non hijabi women showing themselves in media, public & elsewhere - aren't they both considered unveiled? According to law when a crime is committed it dosen't look at the dress of the alledged criminal, rather it looks at the circumstantial evidences, witnesses etc. to find out whether a person is guilty or not within the laws applicable.The topic is both hijabi & non hijabi women showing themselves in media, public & elsewhere - aren't they both considered unveiled? According to law when a crime is committed it dosen't look at the dress of the alledged criminal, rather it looks at the circumstantial evidences, witnesses etc. to find out whether a person is guilty or not within the laws applicable.

Similarly, sha'ria - the law says the fundamental is that there shud allways be veils between men & women, while men are expected to be the bread earners & to work outside their homes, womens are expected to stay at home (primarily for the veiling) & take care of their families. Now, when a woman comes out of her house with hijab, it is permissable depending on the urgency, unavailabiliy of a man to perform the task etc.. If a woman comes out of her house to perform a task which cud have been easily performed by a male member of the family if waited upon then the law is broken. Whether she is wearing hijab, jibab etc. are irrelevant. bcoz the woman according to the law shud not have, in the first place, come out but shud have waited & asked the male members of her family to have the arrands or wotever needs to b done to b completed for her. The law will find her guilty had she come out to perform the task without waiting. This is the perfect case of the women of present era who r taking lame excuses to come out of the house saying covering in hijabs, jibabs etc. is sufficient to comply veiling. it is absurd. bcoz the qur'an & sunnahs of prophet mohammad saw's female family members clearly contradicts to the excuses given by the women of today. So they will b looked upon  as law violating muslimahs subject to punishments. 

Another important issue that needs to b addressed is that the equal rites, women empowerment organizations etc's defends the modernist muslim females by giving them ideas. they teach them that the laws of islam r invalid -  saying the women r equally capable of being educated as men, not mentioning by a co-educational institute which violates veiling laws & are haram. 

all female universities are rare these days. those few who are  attending attending them are not in violation of law for going out of their houses in quest of knowledge, maintaining veils. Now with that it seems to b that women's higher education is permissable thus worthwhile, until u think that there is hardly any industry out there that are in compliance with the veiling laws in their work environment.  eventhough all the women seeking higher education are intending to seek jobs competing & working with men. Isn't that violation of the law? While women can equally (allmost) contribute to the GDP of a country as they say, the consideration here is which is the priority - strictly upholding the basic laws or the greed of double income in a household, behind which is hidden all the worldly wonts?

finally, then the purest of all the reasons - an educated mother is allways a better mother than an uneducated one. we are yet to see the proof since being a good, intelligent, virtuous mother needs a good mothers training & a pious father ensuring an environment where the girl can grow up within veils yet earn knowledge, rather encouraged. in this mix of ideal environment she acquires qualities that no educational institutes can  provide. hence a good mother with better education is a win- win. but does this greedy, materialistic world allow todays women to b the mothers like the virtuous mothers of some notable & respectable muslim scholars who are regarded as best teachers even today & will probably remain so inshallah for the time immemorial? isn't it's sufficient to prove that not necessarily education but its the training a woman gets overall that gifts the world names like abdul quader, imams bukhari, hanafi, malik & many more? dosen't history say that allmost illeterate mothers of these outstanding humans were the driving force in creating these prophetic humans? even after that how dare a muslim society cheats their daughters & sisters by sending them to haram education so that they can b promised as dowries for the families to b ensued? it is not the tradition of islam to ask their women to b concubines for the society they live in.

lets not fall for false pride dear muslimahs. refind ur blessed womanhood in islam by not being fooled by false excuses promoted for u by the kafirs. that way u loose the unlimited rahmah & barakah that allah has arranged to b sown inside u & for u to safe keep & grow the budding seed inside u. the analogy that came in the qur'an is that the best crops r produced in the fields that r ploughed properly then harvested & cultivated. only with the knowledge of the soil, know how of ploughing, knowing the necessary ingredients for the harvested & cultivated seed can the healthy crops b produced. similarly its the womens iman, akhlak, adab, amol, wisdom, knowledge of allah's kitab as well as various relevant subjects in humanities, sciences etc. makes her the best of the fertile fields to safe keep & grow the best of the humans, mashallah.

who else can give the best ways of operating his invented thing knowing its limitations & potentials? when it comes to ashraful makhlukat or greatest of all creations by allah, y follow kafirs manual when u hav quran & sunnah? isn't it time to abandon the false & reclaim ur pride? don't u think the world is gone back allmost to the dark ages & u can inshallah revive it back to the light of islam? please say u can & commit that inshallah u will. 

dear muslimahs the budding imams, muftis, ulemas, scholars r ur future sons or probably lying inside u who can & inshallah will change the course of civilization from greed & obscenity to benevolence & purity. innovations will not b only for consumption ignoring unlimited whirlpool of indecency & immorality creating uncontrollable lusts & temptations which cannot even b overlooked by muslims with untainted characters & most balanced minds. in the camofludge the immoral technology owners take carbon copies of wot everyone thinks their legally secured privacy but awaiting to b used against them shud they share their islamic thoughts. please refer to my previous posts where i had exposed their dirty minds & ambitions with solid evidences but still they didn't deter. looks like they had taken it as a challange until they think they can "trash" me as syed kutub or osama laden. this is truly a dark chapter in human history & muslims as well as the humanity at large is being enslaved by a few lunatic, ethicless, ruthless, shytwan chosen political clowns, dangerously liars without conscious evil mongers. for the sake of u, ur family, the ummah & truly the about to b fallen fort of decent humanity prepare urself so that u can inshallah train ur sons like the mothers of the above mentioned respected muslims & b the catalyst in spreading allahs hedayah & make it a world of enlightment. 

jazaki allah khairan.

ps: in loving & caring memory of my mother Latifun Nehar Chowdhury, inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun. she left us on april 01, 2016.


Glorious Muslimahs

Proud Muslimah

Mashallah a fb womens site.

Abdul Qader ra


A must read/ listen story. how prophetic humans come into existence. it simply lies in purity & devotion - both seems to hav successfully eradicated from the ummah by shytwan. 

In this part of the world he is also known as boro peer shaheb. Some r even scared to mention his abdul quader name thinking it will b considered disrespectful. but it is a bee'dah. 

if we r allowed to say the name of allah & his prophet by his name mohammad (althou we r advised to send salam ie saw to him), then we can & shud call abdul quader by his name. besides allah advises us to call each other by names & to keep meaningful beautiful names.

we shud follow & share more of such stories to trace our identity back & start hating the duniya. althou we r sunk in this quick sand trap of shaytwan upto our foreheads, only due to endless mercy of allah we r somehow surviving. just a taubah & stride for purity is all that is needed individually & collectively as a society/ ummah to reverse the most shameful low point of deen islams history. with time passes opportunities. so don't wait - repent, commit & ask for allahs guidance & help to get u & the ummah out of the dark into the nur or lite of allah.

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Science & Qur'an

Allah, The Creator of mankind, told us in the 96th chapter of His Quran; "Lies, aggression and hostility come from the prefrontal lobe of the brain (behind the forehead)"; 1,400 years before Sigmund Freud existed.G

Islamic Fundamentals & Rethinking

Falling in love again??

The Iconic Womens of Islam

How to inshallah avoid another nightmare. Lessons learned & shared. 

Probably the only way to a respectable, caring, committed, loving & durable relationship to b built & sustained peacefully is mashallah given in the blog. Yes, u will c people having conjugal lives outside their commitment or love & respect for allah, but they redefine the meanings of the basic tennants of marriage & rudeness, quarrel, disrespect, lack of love etc. becomes the essential spices of their marriage. 

Prophet mohammad saw's beautiful conflict less, amicable & loving conjugal lives sunnahs get no deserving following & a patched up suffocating so called married volatile relationship continues in a society that becomes breeding grounds of all sorts of unsocial activities eg., prostitution, porno,  adultery, various perverted acts including sodomy, astagfirillah.

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Won't b a fool again

The Difference Between Kafir & Kufr

Excellent Post

Islam - The Solution


Muslims need to re-think, find out & urgently close the loopholes created over centuries of luxury, bee'dah, ignoring sunnahs, following kufri under colonization, continuing the promotion of Haram culture, haram education etc..

We need to urgently review & implement a modern but halal syllabus in our entire education model. Inshallah that will be sufficient to start a new era. An era of prosperity, purity n progressive science for humanity.


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There is nothing more important to Islam & Muslims, then to be concerned about these evil & immoral acts of the kafirs at the present time. 

"And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers."

"And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me."


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