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.. When People Say Garbage Very Cunningly.

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Y shud anyone lower his expectations so long its not unrealistic & knows reality & expectations r not necessarily allways matching. But makes the best of reality & eventually like many in the past can surpass the expectations??

Thoughts provoked from mohammad aslams post

Posted 276/9/17


keep ur dreams hi with foot on the  ground. one might not (probability says most unlikely) b full filled with all his expectations, but no harm thinking for becoming the most beautiful & purest of humans. someone at 25 who is honest, pleasant, well educated & generally known as religious bcoz he strives to manage his 5 mandatory salahs can inshallah become abdul kader r.a., imam ghazali r.a., 4 imams of islam by the time he reaches 40. prophet mohammad saw was a prophet & these alems were not, for just one reason - allah wanted it that way. one who dreams the purest is likely to prepare thyself to b able to support each other in the coz of deen. forbid, if reality crashed the dream, there will b one strong iman to try to salvage rather than two confused souls locked into rumi & not striving beyond to discover the fathomless & deeply inspiring realm of islamic spirituality & knowledge. where not sky but way beyond that above the 7 skies sidratul muntaha or the place where human knowledge ends or will reach is the limit. optimism is islam & facilitating one's environment to reach ones attainable dreams is the islamic society. allah says the traits of best human characters r in prophet mohammad saw, meaning achieve them & help ur spouse achieve them. 

Hence, the best dream that one cud start dreaming of is achievable. The reality shows those simple humans like the rewarded spouses of prophet mohammad  saw ummi mumineens ie., mothers of believers had the support & ambiance due to their piety,    love, devotion etc. these blessed souls held on to hi expectations firmly. Neither were human beings gifted with such exceptional muslims for only a generation, they can b for every generation. For that we need to truly follow the quran & sunnah.

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