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Bismillahir Rahmair  Rahim

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious & the Most Merciful

Despite extreme physical difficulties n facing innumerable hostilities with various obstacles, for reasons which r Mashallah very elaborately explained in my certain blog sites eg., FB, Blogger, Wordress, G plus etc. (updated from time to time as necessary), I Mashallah still managed to write a few essays & notes since April 2015. However, I hav decided not to put those in this site for few reasons including explicit non social & few haram contents, those dosent seem to recede either. During this period I also reshared some excellent islamic literatures written or posted by others. Inshallah I plan to keep this site only for materials which r purely for understanding Islam.

Ex Country Treasurer of Citibank, na more of a reflector, I consider myself as mashallah a very fortunate a better late than never truth found overhauled person. The site will inshallah host my Islamic writings & reshares of the past as well as in the future & many more Islamic scholarly sites, papers, other materials. My writings are scattered all over the internet & inshallah gradually I plan to  move them in a personal site.

Whenever mashallah my intuition judges something is worth interpreting in lite of Islam, or either to show that we are overlooking something that deserves to b relooked at or that needs to b avoided alltogether for its non Islamic nature & substances including things or acts that r clumsy, inappropriate, certain things for which there r rooms for improvements, something disturbing that we all shud be cautious about, including b'dahs, discrimination, hate etc - I try to hilite, n whenever possible try to give alternative ideas. Finally, its also about showing to all that Islam is a victim of deeply plotted vindication due to the western immorallities,lies & propagandas, and discourages fair practice of freedom to choose religion by creating hostile environments for Islam enthusiasts. Althou the later portion comes from my personal observations covered elsewhere as mentioned in the beginning & wont b shown here, but anyone who will inshallah (Allah willing)  go thru this site & learn the basic tenants of a complete code of life Islam will b able to easily figure out the conspiracy against Islam.

Thru the holy scripture Quran & the teachings of Prophet Mohammad's peace b upon him, called sunnahs Islam establishes that the followers of Islam Muslims religion is defined to follow the middle path, not the paths of human over ambition & greed, vindication, 

characterlessness, lack of values/ honesty/ decency or shytwans deceits.

This is a non political Islamic learning site. The site is open to all people of different faiths, creeds, regions & sex. No prejudice or blashphemy will b tolerated. Invite u all to look & learn about true Islam at your own will, pace n most importantly with a biased free curious mind. May Allah show us the light of truth, keep us away from the darkness of learned yet illeterate due to the trapped mind by shytwan. Humans fall victim by ignoring the book of enlightment sent by Allah for our salvation & guidance - Qur'an.

Jazak Allah Khair

May Allah Reward u.

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Munir Chowdhury

January 2018

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