Who is Zulqernain?

Information Relating to Sahabis

Who are the companions of Prophet Muhammad??

The most widely accepted definition of a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is someone who saw the Prophet and believed in him as well as died a Muslim. The Arabic translation of the word companion is Sahabi, thus companions (plural) become Sahaba.

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Alphabetical Name List of Sahaba r.a.'s

Sahaba Belal r.a.

It is said that Bilal r.a.'s beautiful call for salah or adhan cud b heard from the Holy Arsh or  throne of Allah above the seventh heaven.

The Rightly Guided Four Sahabi Khalifas


Succeeded after Prophet Mohammad saw. Their governance is considered by the scholars as the Islamic role model. Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Four Khalifas or Caliphs

Imam Abu Hanifa r.a.

Imam Abu Hanifa r.a. is one of the most influential Islamic personalties. The vid features the life & times of Imam Abu Hanifa & of the one of the most taught "Schools of Taught" (Madhab), The Hanafi Madhab.



 The vid. is about another Imam of Islam, Imam Malik ra.

Their lives & teachings r very inspiring. The four imams never contradicted each other rather they held mashsallah very high esteem about each other.

Find in Qur'an

Al Humazah or The Slanderer

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Islamic Books

Why Read These Books?

Some recommended readings. It will inshallah give u insights & evidences to Islam's philosophy of totally surrendering to Allah by accepting him as the one & only creator, sustainer & the owner of the final judgement day in hash'r. When Allah's commands r followed He rewards his followers in this duniya thru his rahmah & barakah.

Otherwise they fall into trials & tribulations.

Also among these books u will find various recent scientific discoveries 

which Allah had already hinted in the Quran that was sent down 1400+ years back.

Overall, when u hav mashallah finished reading all these books, after reading the Qur'an & some important Hadids, u will inshallah b convinced that Islam is indeed a true religion. It is a complete code of life & the only solution for mankind to maintain peace & harmony in all spheres of life - starting from personal, social, national to international needs with promises to b rewarded in the hereafter as well. Spirituality, thematics of divinity & risalah (prophecy with scripture) of last & only prophet for the entire human beings till kiyamah (the day Allah will destroy all his created worlds), choosing the middle path, importance of ummah, the sha'ria, all the islamic rules, etiquettes, criterions et al prescribed with the underlying rationales in forming humans to b capable of truly earning his status as ashraful makhlukat (best amongst all creations) r clearly  philosophically & rationally described/ documented in these mashallah few extra-ordinary but very simply & eloquently written kitabs/ books. 

Rabbi Jidni Elmah. O Allah! increase my knowledge.

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